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Coalascer SeparatorsNugent Series 1586 Coalescer/Separators

Nugent Series 1586 Coalescer/Separators are effective in the removal of a discontinued phase from immiscible liquids through the process of coalescence and separation. Under optimum operating conditions, to include velocity, water content, and specific gravity of the oil, 99% water separation efficiency can be expected.

Series 1586 Coalescer/Separator Units are available with design pressures of 150, 300, and 600 PSI.

Series 1586 Coalescer/Separators contain from 1 to 32-size 4L disposable elements 6″x28-3/4″.

Series 1586 Coalescer/Separators units are made of carbon steel with a durable, textured gray enamel finish. Design and fabrication are in accordance with Sec. VIII, Div. 1 of the ASME code for pressure vessels.


Liquid Sight Flow Indicators SeriesNugent Liquid Sight Flow Indicators Series 1366

Nugent Liquid Sight Flow Indicators permit observation of flow and clarity of liquid through a pipe. Windows on both sides allow easy viewing. Two styles are available: Series 1366E and Series 1366G. 1366E has a stainless steel, spring-loaded indicator vane that moves in proportion to the flow. This style is especially suited for observing variations in flow rates. 1366G is supplied without the indicator vane. Available in iron or brass and sizes from 3/8″ to 2″ NPT.

Liquid collection potLiquid Collection Pots

Liquid Collection Pots Liquid Collection Pots provide a means to collect wear debris, lubricating oil, and other liquids from packing vent gas before the volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) are routed to a control device, to a compressor suction, to a gas flare or other containment system. Some standard features include ASME-code compliant carbon steel vessel, stainless steel mist pad for efficient gas coalescing, and a tubular gauge glass to measure the liquid collected. Some optional features include all stainless steel construction and an armored gauge glass for added safety.

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