Customizing Our Housings and Transfer Systems to Fit Your Needs



Compact Filters and Strainers

Nugent compact filters and strainers are ideally suited for liquid applications with flows to 50 gpm and design pressures to 200 PSI. The simplex is composed of one drawn carbon steel housing secured to a cast iron cover with four heavy-duty bolts. It contains one filter element or strainer basket.

The duplex incorporates two drawn carbon steel housings, each with one filter element or strainer basket suspended from a common cast iron cover. The shells are interconnected by a Nugent dual-circuit transfer valve directing continuous flow to either shell independently or to both in parallel. Options include steel covers, stainless steel rotors, and all stainless steel construction.


ASME-Code Filters and Strainers

Nugent ASME-code filters and strainers are designed to meet the exacting specifications dictated by OEM’s oil companies and engineering firms. Some standard features include: a) convenient cover swing bolts for ease of maintenance, b) cover O-rings for a leak-free cover seal, c) lifting davits for all covers over 85 lbs. d) easy-to-read differential pressures gauges on all vessels 16’’ in diameter and larger, and e) heavy-duty carbon steel bodies with ductile iron or steel covers. All pressure vessels are available in stainless steel construction to withstand the most corrosive environments.

Tailored to your requirements, our filters and strainers can be designed to meet API specifications, MIL-specs, NACE, ABS, USCG, and most engineering standards.

Zero Leakage Two-Way Transfer Valves – 3-Port and 6-Port Advance Designs

Our dual circuit, 3-port and 6-port transfer valves are designed for assembly between filters, strainers, and heat exchangers where continuous service and positive shut-off are necessary. These valves feature an exclusive internal quad-ring design, eliminating side-to-side leakage even at test pressures to 1000 PSI. The operation of our zero-leakage transfer valve is much simpler than other valves because there are no pads to seat and unseat and no locking pins to lift.

Our internal arrangement is free of all springs, pins, and levers that break loose and cause severe damage to the costly equipment it was meant to protect. After equalizing the pressure, rotate the handle to transfer the fluid from one vessel to the other. Available in 1-1/2”, 2”, 3”, 4” sizes. Designed for operating pressures to 665 PSI. A steel body and iron rotor are standard; stainless steel rotors or all stainless steel construction is optional.

Contact us to learn more about our code-compliant housings and transfer systems. With operations based in Skokie, Illinois, we proudly serve clients on a nationwide basis.