Choose From Our Impressive Selection of Top-Notch Filter Elements

White-Stacked Disc Elements

Series 1555
Manufactured from pure virgin wood fiber, these elements combine the high flow characteristics of pleated paper elements with the exceptional dirt holding capacities of depth type cartridges, resulting in longer life. Specifically designed for gas engine lube oil service and fuel oil filtration, these elements are used in oil applications where filtration to 5 microns is required.

Pleated Paper Elements

Series 1577
These superior resin-impregnated elements offer economy and versatility where 1/2, 3, 5, 10, and 25-micron filtration is required. Their outstanding flow characteristics, even at higher viscosities, result in more compact housings for initial cost savings. Our pleated paper elements meet API specifications to satisfy original equipment manufacturers and the petroleum industry.

Pleated Synthetic Elements

Series 1577
Nugent pleated synthetic elements deliver Beta rated performance where absolute filtration efficiency is required. They provide Beta values to Beta 3 = 75 (98% efficient at 3 microns) and finer and meet API specifications. The fluid compatibility range of our non-woven media is unlimited. In addition to all mineral-based and synthetic oils, our synthetic elements are successfully applied in water, water/glycol, and many process fluid applications.

Absorbent Media Elements

Series 1570
Absorbent cartridges of Fuller's Earth, Activated Alumina, Molecular Sieve or other specialty media are uniquely suited to neutralize acids and maintain the like-new quality of various synthetic oil based hydraulic fluids. Convenient cartridge design makes element replacement easy, reducing the mess and bother associated with disposal. Our tightly packed cartridges of activated carbon effectively adsorb hydrocarbons from amine solutions and also clarify liquids other than oil.

Strainer Baskets

Series 1554
Durable, tightly woven stainless steel wire mesh provides superior strength at absolute rated filtration efficiencies. Our strainers are typically used downstream of a pump and have a burst pressure of 150 PSID, offering your equipment unsurpassed protection. 100 Mesh (140 microns), 200 mesh (74 microns), and 2140 mesh (40 microns) are our standards, although most mesh sizes are available.

Pleated Water - Absorbing Elements

This disposable element can reduce water to 25 ppm in oil, remove solid contamination to 10 microns, and installs easily within most existing housings. This element is ideally suited to solve serious, temporary water contamination problems or continuously filter oil as part of a bypass conditioning system.

Coalescer/Separator Elements

Series 1586
Designed specifically to continuously remove water from both lubricating and hydraulic oils, these extremely efficient elements reduce water contamination to as low as 25 ppm, making them perfect for steam turbine lube oil system applications.

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