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Wm. W. Nugent & Co. (Inc.) was established in 1897 by the Nugent family to provide oiling devices for steam engine crank pins. Today, more than a century later, we manufacture a complete line of liquid filters, strainers, coalescers, separators, zero leakage transfer valves, and self-cleaning filters.

We offer a full array of filter media including cleanable strainer baskets, pleated paper, high-flow pleated synthetic, cotton waste, sock type cartridges, and our white-stacked disc paper element, which has more dirt holding capacity than any other on the market today.

We can meet whatever needs you have for liquid filtration. We are proud of the fact that we are still family owned. We consider our employees to be the finest in the industry, as we take great pride in keeping everyone up to date on the latest technology available.

We thank you for visiting our website and for considering us to be your complete filter vendor.

Brian Sabin

Contact our manufacturer to see firsthand how we can improve your oil, gas, or mining operations. With operations based in Skokie, Illinois, we proudly serve clients on a nationwide basis.