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Nugent Filters Elements and Strainers, Oil Conditioning SystemsFor more than a century, we have manufactured a complete line of liquid filters, strainers, coalescers, separators, zero leakage transfer valves, and self-cleaning filters.

We offer a full array of filter media ranging from: cleanable strainer baskets, pleated paper, high flow pleated synthetic, cotton waste, sock type cartridges, and our white stacked disc paper element, which has more dirt holding capacity than any other on the market today.

Filters, Elements and Strainers Oil Conditioning Systems
Filters Elements Strainers Paper ElementsManufactured from pure virgin wood fiber, these filters, elements and strainers combine the high flow characteristics of pleated paper elements with the exceptional dirt holding capacities of depth type cartridges, resulting in longer life.

Oil Conditionig SystemsWm. W. Nugent &Co. (Inc.) designs, builds, and delivers turn-key oil conditioning systems that effectively end oil contamination problems.

These systems are custom developed to meet your exact needs, no matter how simple or complex. Every oil conditioning system arrives complete and ready for immediate start-up. ...more
Housings and Transfer Valves Specialty Products

Housings and Transfer ValvesNugent Compact Filters and Strainers are ideally suited for liquid applications with flows to 50 gpm and design pressures to 200 PSI....more

Nugent ASME Code Filters and Strainers are designed to meet the exacting specifications dictated by OEM’s oil companies, and engineering firms. ...more

Zero Leakage Two-way Transfer Valves - 3-Port and 6-Port Advance Designs: These dual circuit, 3-port and 6-port transfer valves are designed for assembly between filters, strainers, and heat exchangers where continuous service and positive shut-off are necessary....more

Coalescer Separators Liquid Sight Flow IndicatorsNugent Series 1586 Coalescer/Separators are effective in the removal of a discontinued phase from immiscible liquids through the process of coalescence and separation....more

Nugent Liquid Sight Flow Indicators Series 1366 permit observation of flow and clarity of liquid through a pipe. Windows on both sides allow easy viewing. ....more

Nugent Liquid Collection Pots provide a means to collect wear debris, lubricating oil, and other liquids from packing vent gas before the volatile organic compounds (VOC's) are routed to a control device, to a compressor suction, to a gas flare or other containment system....more.

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